Club Brugge Foundation Signs Charter ‘BruggeNaarMorgen’

14 June 2023

Club Brugge Foundation Signs Charter ‘BruggeNaarMorgen’

The City of Bruges has the ambition to become climate-neutral and climate robust by 2050. It counts on the help of all citizens and stakeholders in Bruges. In line with its ‘Football For Climate Justice’-partnership, Club Brugge Foundation supports this objective and joins this ambition.

Since November 2022, Club Brugge Foundation has joined the pan-European project “Football for Climate Justice”, coordinated by the ‘European Football for Development Network’ and financially supported by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ programme. Within this project, one of the actions is to look at the local needs of the community around the football club and its stadium. A football club has a unique position in society and can use this position to contribute to the sustainability of its environment. From this strength, Club Brugge Foundation wants to go one step further.

©Club Brugge

5th of June marks ‘World Environment Day’, the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. By signing the charter ‘BruggenNaarMorgen’ (Bridge to Tomorrow) on this day Club Brugge Foundation joins forces with its local network and community to undertake concrete actions for the environment.

“In line with our ‘Football for Climate Justice’ project and in the interest of our local community, we join ‘BruggeNaarMorgen’. In this way, together with various organizations and clubs, we are working towards a climate neutral Bruges.”

Peter Gheysen, Head of Foundation