La FUNDACIÓN LALIGA, organises a training workshop on sustainable event management

26 February 2024

La FUNDACIÓN LALIGA, organises a training workshop on sustainable event management

On the 22nd of February, FUNDACIÓN LALIGA , hosted the event “Sustainable event management: from its initial design, objectives, development and final report”, framed in the Fair Play Social project. Companies from different fields outside the football industry could offer their experiences and visions here.

During this occasion, different characteristics of different event’s sustainability management systems, such as design, planning and execution, and the certification of event’s sustainability have been presented. The aim of the event was to generate an environment of opinions, knowledge and experiences from which concrete action can emerge. Those ideas can then be implemented in any type of activity in the most sustainable way possible.

The day began with a general presentation of every organisation invited, followed by what they think a “sustainable event” is: what basic requirement they must consider, but also what benefits and values ​​the event brings to the organisation itself.

After that, the discussion moved to various issues related to the relationship between sustainable events, but also the corporate reputation of the organisation and the elements of a good communication strategy, in order to highlight good performance in sustainable event management.

At the end of the day, the implementation of sustainability in the football industry was addressed, based on the premise that sustainability has been positioned as an increasingly present vector in sports organisations, in sporting events and in actions linked to corporate social responsibility.

The event took place in digital format, with more than 60 attendees. Part of the event’s budget will be allocated to a social organisation collaborator of FUNDACIÓN LALIGA,.